Organizations that Treasure Creativity

Creative processes are implemented constantly by many big companies in private and public sector organizations. It is prevalent in sectors where people management plays a huge role like manufacturing, services, banking or the construction industry. Big car manufacturing firms, software development firms, railroad industries and pharmaceutical firms use creativity experts to teach their employees new techniques to increase their efficiency and quality of output.

Nearly all new management techniques that can be applied in companies come from creative processes. They include benchmarking, employee involvement, marketing, etc. In fact, creative thinking has become so prevalent that even small firms and organizations are collaborating with biotechnology companies to creative techniques to solve problems and to improve the efficiency of working techniques.

Treasure Creativity

Creative techniques may be applied in any area of the company, be it −

●      Business Strategy

●      Product Development

●      Human Resources

●      Sales and Marketing

●      Collection of information

●      Product Design

●      Quality Management, etc.

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