Harms of an Imbalanced Life

Improper balance in your work commitments and personal responsibilities, more often than not, cause a tremendous stress between both the different sides of a person’s life. A person can easily lose focus and direction if his priorities are not well-set and his life oscillates dangerously between his family responsibilities and those at the office.

When the approach is so negative and confused, it will come as little surprise that people who have unhealthy work-style and negligent lifestyle tend to lose productivity with the passing of time.

Harms of an Imbalanced Life

Overly enthusiastic employees, at the beginning of their professional journeys, often end up messing their personal life in their efforts of meeting the exact and high standard expected of them at work, either due to their ambition to prove themselves better, or under the stress of securing a job.

It has been observed that both these situations lead to a complete collapse of productivity in the long run. People who sacrifice their personal life to achieve professional success end up neglecting their health and healthy habits like eating healthy food, proper rest, peaceful sleep and engaging in relationships. As a result of this, their health deteriorates and productivity dips significantly.

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