Workplace Civility – Worksheet 2

While being quite a good performer at her job of providing administrative support in a law consulting firm, Jade SmithC was found wanting in her grooming skills, particularly in dressing up in such a manner that it suits the formal atmosphere of a consulting firm.

Her boss, otherwise happy with her competency, would always reprimand her for this, often in front of the rest of the staff. There were instances when Jade overheard her boss even refer to her with slurs.

It’s not as if Jade was complacent and ignored her boss’s observations, but even after several attempts to improve her dressing, the result never met the approval of her boss. This was because Jade lacked understanding of the difference between ‘well-dressed’ and ‘appropriately-dressed’.

The constant reprimanding made her self-esteem low and stressed her into interacting lesser and lesser with co-workers. This reclusive nature didn’t do her performance any good and finally, after seven months on the job, Jade resigned.

Depending on this scenario, answer the following questions −

●      Who do you think was at fault here? Explain your answer.●     


●      Would you consider Jade’s boss uncivil? Explain your answer.●     


●      What is the best way to respond to the situation as a co-worker?●     


●      How would you have handled the situation, as Jade and as her boss?●     


●      If you were in Jade’s position, how would you feel about your boss’ actions?●     


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