What a BA is Expected to Deliver?

A Business Analyst serves as the bridge between the business users and the technical IT people. Their presence will contribute significantly to the success of IT projects. There are many benefits of having a dedicated business analyst. A dedicated business analyst can −

●      Delivers a clear project scope from a business point of view.

●      Develop sound business cases and more realistic estimation of resources and business benefits.

●      Prepares better reports on project scoping, planning and management in terms of costs and schedule, especially for large-scale IT projects.

●      Produces clear and concise requirements, which in turn, helps provide clearer and more accurate requirements, if the IT project is outsourced.

●      Elicit the real business needs from users and effectively manage user expectations.

●      Improves the quality of design for the proposed IT system so that it meets the user requirements.

●      Ensures the quality of the system developed before passing on to end-users for review and acceptance.

●      Arranges comprehensive quality test on the delivered systems and provide feedback to the technical IT people.

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