Guidance for Use-Case Template

Document each use-case using the template given in the end of this chapter. This section provides a description of each section in the use-case template.

Use-Case Identification

●      Use-Case ID − Give each use-case a unique numeric identifier, in hierarchical form: X.Y. Related use-cases can be grouped in the hierarchy. Functional requirements can be traced back to a labelled use-case.

●      Use-Case Name − State a concise, results-oriented name for the use-case. These reflect the tasks the user needs to be able to accomplish using the system. Include an action verb and a noun. Some examples −

○    View part number information.

○    Manually mark hypertext source and establish link to target.

○    Place an order for a CD with the updated software version.

Use-Case History

Here, we mention about the names of the people who are the stakeholders of the Usecase document.

●      Created By − Supply the name of the person who initially documented this usecase.

●      Date Created − Enter the date on which the use-case was initially documented.

●      Last Updated By − Supply the name of the person who performed the most recent update to the use-case description.

●      Date Last Updated − Enter the date on which the use-case was most recently updated.

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