Drawing Use-Case Diagrams

The Figure below shows, what a use-case might look like UML schematic form. The usecase itself looks like an oval. The actors are drawn as little stick figures. The actors are connected to the use-case with lines.

Use-Case Diagram

Use-case 1 − Sales Clerk checks out an item

●      Customer sets item on counter.

●      «uses» Swipe UPC Reader.

●      System looks up UPC code in database procuring item description and price

●      System emits audible beep.

●      System announces item description and price over voice output.

●      System adds price and item type to current invoice.

●      System adds price to correct tax subtotal

So, the «uses» relationship is very much like a function call or a subroutine.

The use-case being used in this fashion is called an abstract use-case because it cannot exist on its own but must be used by other uses cases.

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