Exceptions to the law of demand

Conspicuous goods: These are certain goods which are purchases to project the status and prestige of the consumer. For e.g. expensive cars, diamond jewellery, etc. such goods will be purchased more at a higher price and less at a lower price.

Giffen goods: These are special category of inferior goods whose demand increases even if with a rise in price. For eg. coarse grain, clothes, etc.

Share’s speculative market: It is found that people buy shares of those company whose price is rising on the anticipation that the price will rise further. On the other hand, they buy less shares in case the prices are falling as they expect a further fall in price of such shares. Here the law of demand fails to apply.

Bandwagon effect: Here the consumer demand of a commodity is affected by the taste and preference of the social class to which he belongs to. If playing golf is fashionable among corporate executive, then as the price of golf accessories rises, the business man may increase the demand for such goods to project his position in the society.

Veblen effect: Sometimes the consumer judge the quality of a product by its price. People may have the expression that a higher price means better quality and lower price means poor quality. So the demand goes up with the rise in price for eg. : Branded consumer goods

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