Statistics – Quadratic Regression Equation

Quadratic regression is deployed to figure out an equation of the parabola which can best fit the given set of data. It is of following form:

y=ax2+bx+c where a≠0y=ax2+bx+c where a≠0

Least square method can be used to find out the Quadratic Regression Equation. In this method, we find out the value of a, b and c so that squared vertical distance between each given point (xi,yixi,yi) and the parabola equation (y=ax2+bx+2y=ax2+bx+2) is minimal. The matrix equation for the parabolic curve is given by:


Correlation Coefficient, r

Correlation coefficient, r determines how good a quardratic equation can fit the given data. If r is close to 1 then it is good fit. r can be computed by following formula.

r=1−SSESST where SSE=∑(yi−axi2−bx+i−c)2 SST=∑(yi−y¯)2r=1−SSESST where SSE=∑(yi−axi2−bx+i−c)2 SST=∑(yi−y¯)2

Generally, quadratic regression calculators are used to compute the quadratic regression equation.


Problem Statement:

Compute the quadratic regression equation of following data. Check its best fitness.



Compute a quadratic regression on calculator by putting the x and y values. The best fit quadratic equation for above points comes as


To check the best fitness, plot the graph.

quadratic regression equation

So the value of Correlation Coefficient, r for the data is 0.99420 and is close to 1. Hence quadratic regression equation is best fit.

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