Readers Requirements

Business documents have an audience and a specific purpose. Therefore, it is vital to have the readers’ requirements in mind before writing a business document. That is the reason almost all letters start with addressing the recipient of the document.

Before you begin writing, know the reason you are writing and what action you want to be taken or accomplished by the reading of this letter.

Readers Requirements

What Readers Want

The idea is to write keeping in mind the reader you are sending it to. For any written document to be comprehensive, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself throughout −

●      Who is your reader?

●      What does he want to know?

●      What does he need to know?

●      What does he know of the topic already?

●      What is the expected time to send the document?

Tell the readers early on about the benefits they will gain on reading your document, mention the actions/accomplishments expected of them, and what other information they will gain from reading your document.

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