The Three Steps of Drafting

Writing the First Draft         

Think your ideas out loud before writing them down so that the thoughts are expressed clearly. Once you have the initial rough draft, fill in the relevant missing details as per the standard document structure. Write as per your content outline using bullet points and indentation for the headings, sub-headings, and minor headings.


After completing the first draft, wait for a few days before editing it. Improve the draft by evaluating every word, sentence, and paragraph with an objective of designing concise and correct content.

●      Include any omitted necessary details.

●      Make sentences tighter and clearer.

●      Check that the tense is consistent.

●      Correct the spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

●      Use active voice and first person when appropriate.

●      Re-arrange the sequence of sentences or paragraphs and check the flow.

Writing the Final Draft

Write several drafts, with each one an improvement on the last one. Keep revising the final draft till you are satisfied with the final output. Show it to colleagues and get their feedback. Discuss the suggestions and implement the necessary corrections or changes.

Writing the Final Copy

●      Type the final copy of the document.

●      Proofread word by word, and figure by figure.

●      Sign and/or type your name or initials at the end of the document.

●      Send the document to the reader.

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