Sales and Distribution Management – Steps

Companies use sales strategies and tactics in order to make a consumer buy their products or services. Before we processed further, we should know the meaning of sales strategies and tactics. Although they go hand in hand, they are distinct.

Set Objective

The very first step in sales management is setting goals and objectives. The senior management of a firm needs to sit together and reach a mutual decision regarding what the vision and resolution of the firm is.

This may sound quite easy but setting objective acts as a framework for designing a company. If efficient decisions are made and objectives are set according to the company’s potential and the market demand, the company progresses wonderfully. However, if the objectives are poorly set, then the company might not prosper.

Set Objective

Develop Sales Strategy

After the objectives are set for the company to achieve, a strategy needs to be designed. Sales strategy can be defined as how a company markets or wants to sell its products or services. It can be a concept of how the company meets the desired objectives and marketing goals; it also clarifies what the sales executives do.

Strategy includes various components. following are a few of the components −

●      Knowledge of the company’s brand history and consumer market

●      The way marketing is going to influence overall business

●      Competitors’ performance

●      Pros and cons of the plan

Develop Tactics

A strategy explains the purpose of the company whereas tactics explain the process to move forward and implement the plan. Sales strategy is important as compared to the individual tactics. But after the strategy is designed, we need to develop tactics to follow the strategy.

Sales tactics can be defined as the action taken by the company to impose its sales strategy to bring it to life. There are different modes in which the company delivers the message to the consumers such as websites, brochures, advertisements in social media, etc.

An investor or lender will invest in the company if they know about the objective and the strategy of the company; else, it becomes difficult for the company and the lenders to make or justify a decision of whether to invest in the company.

The company has to know that investment by lenders is very much required for the marketing campaign. If the tactics are excellent but the strategies are not defined in a proper manner or defined poorly, it does not help the company to grow.

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