Whistleblowing is the act of going public with significantly immoral or illegal acts of an organization one is part of. However, someone is not a whistle blower for discussing the embarrassing or rude behavior with public, and a whistle blower doesn’t need to involve in sabotage or violence.

The reasoning given to judge a whistle-blowing activity may include the following −

●      The motive must be ethical. The employee must act against the organization that committed a significant immoral or illegal act.

●      The whistleblower should look for less harmful ways to resolve the issue first. Employees should tell the management and executives of wrong-doing before making the information public.

●      The whistleblower should have enough evidence. It is unethical to accuse a company when there’s a possibility of company being innocent.

●      The company’s fault must be specific and significant. The wrong-doing must have specific and significant reasons.

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