Design Thinking – Convergent

Convergent thinking is exactly opposite of what divergent thinking is. The term ‘Convergent Thinking’ was coined by Joy Paul Guilford in 1956. The concept of convergent thinking requires the design thinker to go through all the possible solutions thought during divergent thinking and come up with a correct solution. This convergence on a single solution or a mix of limited number of solutions is the essence of convergence thinking.

Convergent thinking is the type of thinking in which a thinker is generally supposed to come up with a single well-established best-possible solution to a problem. This step delivers the best and a concrete solution to a problem statement, taking into account all the factors and requirements specified in the problem statement.

Convergent thinking requires speed, accuracy, efficiency, logical reasoning, and techniques. A thinker is supposed to recognize the patterns, reapply a few techniques, and accumulate and organize the stored information.

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