Defining Creativity

Creativity is a unique quality of human intelligence in general. It can be found in everyday situations that people face in their lives, such as the association of ideas, recalling, having a perception, analogical thinking, and engaging in self-criticism.

There are three kinds of Creativities which tell us different manners of supplying novel ideas −

●      Combining Creativity − This is a new combination of tried and tested ideas.

●      Exploring Creativity − New ideas are generated from exploring concepts.

●      Transforming Creativity − Transforming set structures to enhance new ones.

Creative thinking is credited with playing an important role in innovation. In fact, people even go to the extent of saying that both Creativity and Innovation are complementary activities. Pursuing a creative thought results in innovation. Pursuing different ways of solving problems results in getting creative answers.

For creativity to convert into innovation, a proper organizational culture is necessary. A right organizational culture provides opportunities and support for the creativity processes for the development of personal and group creativity skills.

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