Sales Forecasting – Assigning Responsibilities

So far, we have come across many responsibilities to take care in sales forecasting. There is a lot of expectation from people, both in the company and outside to deliver a forecast as accurate as possible. When faced with such an expectation, many people feel pressure and indulge in a common mistake of taking on as many activities as possible.

Job insecurity is one of the biggest reasons behind this. It is common for people to believe that the more functional they are, the more secure is their job. Another reason for this is that many managers think that other people might not understand the complexity of the job.


Well, the truth is that your team is as capable as you are. If you have a feeling that the team is unable to perform a wide variety of tasks, then there may be a serious problem either in your mindset or in the skill sets of the team, both of which are matters of grave concern.

Although, truth be told – the latter case has a very low chance of happening, as all the employees are recruited by experienced HR personnel, which means you may have some talented staff members and you should believe in them and share your work with them. After all, this is what teams are meant for. Your job is to ensure the salespeople face the least possible number of hurdles on the way. This is where assigning job responsibilities becomes indispensable.

There are several advantages of distributing work in Sales Forecasting. One of the primary ones is that Sales forecasting involves getting accurate data from different departments and assigning that responsibility to the people of other respective departments, which will ensure comprehensive data collection. The other benefit is that it gets the job done on time and as per the schedule.

Assigning Work

Assigning the work properly offers the following advantages

●      It can ease the workload of the manager.

●      It can improve the efficiency of the organization.

●      It can be used to setup a growth oriented environment.

●      It can give the managers the free time for focusing on other strategies.

Enlargement of the Job

The measure of the enlargement of an employee’s job is the extension of the responsibilities that he/she undertakes. In a Sales Forecasting team, it is important to know the limits up to which a person can work without feeling stressed out. When the person gains proficiency over these new responsibilities, managers can extend their duties regarding other areas.

Enrichment of the Job               

The assignment of new responsibilities is the backbone of the enrichment of a person’s job. This not only means tedious duties, but also the duties whose purpose is well defined. If the job is carried out well, the self-esteem of the employee and the confidence within the employee’s team will be boosted as people become responsible and become good at achieving this goal.

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