Ranking of Customers

What you should focus on is setting the ranking for various customers, as well as various opportunities according to their values while moving forward. In this manner, time, money, and resources can be focused on those prospects that are the most valuable to your organization. You have the privilege to implement anyone of these ranking methodologies to determine the centre of your focus.

Center of Focus

The crucial question is not how their ranks are being symbolized, but to determine who remains where. You could have anywhere from one client to thousands of clients and/or prospects within your territory. Considering the following factors −

●      The industry that you work for; whether the industry possesses a limited number of larger prospects, numerous smaller ones or a mix of both?

●      The parameters that divide your territory by – geographical regions, lines of product, targeting costumers, channel of sales, etc., and the way in which your competitor’s prospects are covered.

The people taking part in the process of sales maybe from your or your customer’s team. Some short-term or long-term risks are always taken, depending on the nature of your sales changes with time and other situations. All these are based on the time of the year, climatic conditions, styles, etc.

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