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In some organizations, the only focus is on getting the work done within the deadlines mentioned. There is no arrangement to have people share ideas together and there’s more importance on putting numbers on the board, as compared to encouraging employees to get connected to the organization. This absence of communication with people often throws some people out from the team of their own, so before anything can be done about it, the entire workforce gets divided into some informal teams where the division is based on factors that are ideological and behavioral, as opposed to assignments and job responsibilities.

These situations are aggravated further if the organization is being managed by people who don’t want any attention to trace back to them. This safe-playing results in a complete meltdown of any creative thinking and interactive approaches. Many organizations have reported it in their annual performance reviews that some people get accustomed to the easy life and want things to run their way, as opposed to challenging new boundaries.

When people get too comfortable in their roles of managers, they stop having creative ideas and put on a what’s in it for me? attitude that is triggered by the senior management’s utter failure in understanding or empathizing with their workforce. This results in procrastination, detachment, discouragement, and frustration among employees across the board.

Social Intelligence in Organizations

When it comes to practicing Social Intelligence, the first focus is always on the employees. They are the driving force and the soul of the company. The organizations that realize this fact believe in having frequent conversations with their employees and knowing what lives they are leading. With the business world being as diverse as it is today, there is high demand and short supply of talent. In cases like these, the last thing any organization would want is to lose out on talent just because of situations that could have been easily avoided had someone listened at the right time.

Teams that focus together, perform better. This is the basis of a successful organization. The motto for every company is to get people to think of a common goal, and then provide complete freedom to each of them to explore the ways in which they can reach that goal in different ways. Under the right guidance and supervision, this method will not only tap the optimum talent of every team member, but also give him the feeling of acceptance and respect within the organization.

At Dell, employees work in a team of two when they receive, manufacture, and pack an order for delivery to a customer. This unique teaming technique, added to the profit sharing incentive, encourages them to be productive as a team. Performances are updated on monitors on the factory floor on an hourly basis so that each team can gauge its performance, and check if it meets the company’s goals.


Social Intelligence is not an innate quality. It’s not something people are either born with, or are not, in fact there have been many people who were born socially awkward but then went on to become prolific speakers and actors. This proves that you don’t have to be blessed to become a socially intelligent person. All you have to do is practice the right things and keep applying them at the right time.

In today’s world, it’s extremely important that people realize the importance of effective communication, which is very different from just communication. Communication is the transfer of information and ideas, but effective communication is the transfer of ideas in such a manner that it influences and impresses upon the listeners.

We would all love to be a persuasive speakers and a great negotiators. All it takes is an interest in meeting new people and being genuinely interested in knowing things about them. We hope that after reading this tutorial, you have received a clear idea on how to be that speaker that everyone wants to listen to. Remember, all it takes is a bit of practice.

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