High Social Intelligence

According to Eric Berne, people who have had neglected, abused, or generally bad childhoods have trouble in building relationships or having self-esteem. These people feel neglected even in their adult life and their sense of low self-esteem prevents them from having an honest, frank, and direct interaction with anyone.

What these people do is manipulate other people‚Äôs emotions and make them do what they want when they could have achieved the same results just by asking politely. Identifying these people is the first step to building a good taskforce. People with high emotional intelligence, on the other hand, will always have a strong elevator speech to describe or introduce any idea to people.

They always know how to put important concepts, ideas, or situations in front of others in a concise, clear, and objective manner. This helps them in putting an honest impression in the minds of their listeners, while bringing the focus on the task in hand. At a time when getting more messages across consistently is becoming the need of the hour, having the skill of making efficient and specific communication with others is a big advantage.

High Social Intelligence

Another ability that people with good social intelligence have is to be able to use language that can express tough feedback and criticism in a more palatable manner. Nobody generally likes to face criticism, as they consider it to be a judgment on their efforts. So an employee needs to be properly conditioned to accept criticism in a positive manner, however giving criticism in a positive manner in itself is an art that requires great practice and right choice of words.

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