Constituent Factors of a Good Team

In a cross-functional project team, the size of the team is directly related to the number of different functions that are supposed to be carried out. In such scenarios, the manager needs to focus more on getting the best out of the large team, instead of worrying about functional control.

In some teams, the members will be resources of such high expertise and experience, that they are answerable to only the higher management. So much so that even their reward system will be decided by the higher management and not the team manager. A team manager here needs to fulfill the duty of being the coordinator and the person to keep all parallel processes running smoothly.

Team Building Steps

Many such similar situations might crop up in a diverse working scenario, so the team manager needs to realize that the sooner he stops trying to build an ideal team, and starts working on applying basic team building principles to the team he has, the better it is for his team’s performance.

A few basic team building steps are given below −

●      Defining Success Criteria and Rewarding it

●      Defining Team Principles

●      Valuing All Contributions

●      Leading by Example

These team building steps will certainly help in easing out any situation in diverse working scenarios.

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