Suspending Judgement

In the last chapter, we found out that it is important to suspend judgment to be happy in life. Now, we will learn the techniques or the habits to be inculcated to do so.

Habit 1: Introspect         

The first habit is to introspect on the negative incidents of the past. What we are recommending here is not to repent over the past incidents, but to introspect over them and learn from them. It may seem on introspecting that these negative incidents may turn out to be learning experiences for us.

Many a times, we feel very bad after a negative incident happens in our life. But, we tend to forget that there must be a silver lining to whatever has happened. It is only after a few days or after a few weeks that we begin to realize and accept the fact that everything that happened, actually happened for good. A failure in business may actually break your heart in the present, but in the future that may become the highlight of your resume in a business school. Hence, the first habit is to introspect into the past negative events and learn that every incident has a learning curve to it.


Habit 2: Look for Positives

The second habit to be inculcated is to find for ways in which the negative events in your life have paved way for something positive in your life. This positive thing is not supposed to be a lesson, but an incident born out of the negative incident. It is important to be grateful to what all happened in our life earlier. This makes us benevolent and happy in the long run. We will learn patience from it. And it is important to be grateful to the people who made us learn that the hard way. This will make us grateful, forgiving and cheerful and these things will make us happier in life.

Habit 3: Record Negative Incidents

The third habit to be inculcated is to maintain a record of all those negative things that happened in your life and that helped you to learn something new. This will lead you to keep a note of what all you could learn in your life from diverse experiences and will make you far happier than before.

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