The Art of Happiness – Distrusting Life

Not trusting others can lead to unhappiness. However, distrusting life is also an impediment to happiness in life. We need to have resilience in life. It is important to stand up in life whenever something negative happens.

Life is unpredictable and hence it is full of surprises. It never stays constant. If something negative happens today, tomorrow can be a happier one. Conversely, if something good happens today, it may not stay forever. Negative and positive events in life are entwined.

Trusting Life                                             

Life’s circumstances don’t affect us so much as do our perceptions about life and the way we react to it. Many a times, what seems to be a negative incident in life may even turn out to be a harbinger of positive outcomes. Your flight may get missed which may feel like a sad incident. But it may turn out later that the flight crashed in the hills or in a jungle and all passengers have died. Then, it seems to be a positive event for you to miss your flight.

Trusting Life

Hence, it is important to not link your entire life with one incident in life. Tomorrow is always a new day. Yesterday ended last night. It is vital to delink happiness with life’s outcomes. What we must link happiness to in our life is meaningful experience. If there has been a negative experience in our life, we need to think if we learnt something from it. If the experience added value to us, then we should certainly feel happy that the incident happened so that we could learn something from it.

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