Workplace Politics – Conclusion

As we discussed in this tutorial, political activity in workplace doesn’t necessarily sabotage company success. On the contrary, proper implementation of politics at workplace opens the doors to mutual and competing interests, which yields long-term benefits of the Organization.

The simple working principle behind this concept is that individuals are more likely to be productive in achieving a goal if they can see something for themselves in it. There has to be a personal win at the end of the road for them, and not just a team victory or organizational achievement.

Organization Achievement

Earlier, companies used to stick to the traditional top-down approach to team management, where personal relevance was almost made negligible. Corporates have realized now that inspiring teams to achieve success just for the sake of fulfilling a higher purpose is simply not sufficient to extract the best out of the people working with them. Office Politics is here to stay. The way it’s channelized into the improvement of the workplace is the way forward.

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