Ruling of Account in Ledger Account

Let us see various formats of ledger accounts:


In the books of M/s. ABC Company
Ledger account of M/s XYZ LTD.
xxxxTo Balance b/d xxxXxxxBy Balance b/d xxx
xxxxTo Name of the debit account xxxXxxxBy Name of Credit account xxx
xxxxTo Balance c/d xxxxxxBy Balance c/d xx
 Total Rs. xxxx Total Rs. xxxx


Nowadays, the handwritten books are being replaced by computerized accounts. The companies majorly use a six-column format to maintain ledger accounts of their customers. It looks as follows:

In the books of M/s. ABC Bank Ltd.
Ledger account of M/s XYZ Ltd.
DebitCreditDr. / Cr.Amount

Format-1 is used for academic purpose. Hence, this format is useful to learn the basics and principles of accounting.

Format-2 is used by banking and financial organization as well as well as by most of the business organizations.

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