Management Accounting – Ratio Analysis

Ratio is an expression of relationship between two or more items in mathematical terms. Exhibition of meaningful and useful relation between different accounting data is called Accounting Ratio. Ratio may be expressed as a:b (a is to b), in terms of simple fraction, integer, or percentage.

If the current assets of a concern is Rs 4,00,000 and the current liabilities is Rs 2,00,000, then the ratio of current assets to current liabilities is given as 4,00,000 / 2,00,000 = 2. This is called simple ratio. Multiply a ratio by 100 to express it in terms of percentage.

We can express the ratio between 200 and 100 in any of the following ways:

●      2 : 1

●      2/1

●      200%

●      2 to 1

●      2

Ratios are extremely useful in drawing the financial position of a concern.

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