Agile – Product Backlog

A product backlog is a list of items to be done. Items are ranked with feature descriptions. In an ideal scenario, items should be broken down into user stories.

Why Product Backlog is Important?                       

●      It is prepared so that estimates can be given to each and every feature.

●      It helps in planning the roadmap for the product.

●      It helps in re-ranking the features so that more value can be added to the product.

●      It helps in determining what to prioritize first. Team ranks the item and then builds value.

Characteristics of Product Backlog

●      Each product should have one product backlog which can have a set of large to very large features.

●      Multiple teams can work on a single product backlog.

●      Ranking of features is done based on business value, technical value, risk management or strategic fitness.

●      Highest ranking items are decomposed into smaller stories during release planning so that they can be completed in future iterations.

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