Base Case Experiment (single-pass waterfall)

As a base-case, we start by executing the model in “waterfall mode” by using our ‘Switch for Waterfall”. It yields the following results:

Project End Time: 79 Weeks (see Figure 68). Note that the project end time is the point at which all of the work backlogs have been depleted.

Project Cost: 250,223 tasks (see Figure 69). Note that for management, this is translatable into a dollar cost. We are currently using “task” as a fungible unit of work. This can easily be substituted with person-hours. Using this in conjunction with labor costs, we can quickly determine the dollar amount of the effort spent. For our purposes, however, “task” is an acceptable unit of cost.

Project Quality: 277 tasks (see Figure 70). Note that here we are measuring quality by the amount of undiscovered rework tasks that escape into the delivered product.

In summary, our base case scenario produced the following project performance:

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