HRM & Career Development Responsibilities

Career Development has its duties distributed at various levels and each level is answerable for their share of responsibilities. We have responsibilities assigned to the organization, employees as well as mangers.

Career development plays a crucial role in grooming an individual, group as well as the organization as a whole.

Organization’s Responsibilities

Organization’s responsibilities include instigation and ensuring in the first place that career development does take place. Specifically, organization’s responsibilities are to enhance career opportunities and improve interaction between employees.

The organization should promote the conditions and create a surrounding that will facilitate the development of individual career plans by the employees. Basically, the organization provides information regarding the mission and policies and helps employee prepare their career development plan and career path.

Employee’s Responsibilities

The only person who really knows what she or he needs is the individual and these desires differ from person to person. The duty of an employee varies with his/her designation.

While the individual is ultimately answerable for preparing his or her individual career plan, experience has shown that people make considerable progress only when they receive some motivation and direction.

Manager’s Responsibilities

The manager should act as a catalyst and sounding board. The manager should show an employee how to go about a process and then help the employee understand what is required of him in the position.

The immediate manager facilitates guidance and encouragement. The manager typically verifies the employee’s readiness for job mobility. Moreover, managers are often the primary source of information about position openings, training courses, and other development options.

These are the major career development responsibilities an HRM needs to take care of in an organization.

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