Job Design

Job design is a continuous and ever-evolving process that is targeted at helping employees in making adjustments with the changes at the workplace. The end goal is minimizing dissatisfaction and enhancing motivation and employee engagement at the workplace.

There are various steps involved in job designing, but all these steps follow a logical sequence. Every step has its own importance and no step can be neglected during the designing process. The sequence is given below −

●      What jobs are to be done or what jobs are a part of the job?

●      How are the jobs performed?

●      What amount of jobs is required to be done?

●      What is the procedure of performing these tasks?

All these questions are considered while arriving upon a clear definition of a specific job, thereby making it less risky for the one performing the same. A well-defined job creates a feeling of achievement and a sense of high self-esteem among the employees.

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