Employee Performance Reviews

One of the frequently used tools to develop employee performance is the annual performance review. Companies don’t necessarily follow a fixed format for accessing employee performance. Individual businesses require choosing if a particular employee’s skills and competencies will lead to success.

Employee Performance Review

Typically, an employee answers questions about his/her skills, abilities, potential and competencies on a form and his boss also responds to those questions. Then they meet to discuss the employee’s work.

●      Topics of evaluation must address what the employee is expected to complete.

●      Performance areas to develop should be discussed.

●      It should be checked if the employee was given the tools necessary to complete his tasks.

●      An assessment should be made as to what the employee has not completed but was expected and why.

Performance reviews have a lot of impact due to salary increases and bonuses are frequently dependent upon their results. Employees should be consistently encouraged by a boss with verbal praise for a job well done.

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