Types of Rewards

Reward system of a company should also be in alignment with its goals, objectives, mission and vision. On the basis of the job profile, both monetary and non-monetary rewards can motivate employees to contribute more to the organization.

Monetary Rewards

A hike in salary, incentives, movie tickets, vacation trips, monetary allowances on special occasions, redeemable coupons, cash bonuses, gift certificates, stock awards, free or discounted health check-ups for the complete family and school/tuition fees for employees’ children come under this category.

Non-monetary Rewards

Types of Rewards

Non-monetary rewards include awards, certificates, letters of appreciation, dinner with boss, redecoration of employee cabin, membership of recreation clubs, perks, use of company facilities, suggestion awards, tie-pins, brooches, diaries, promotion, a say in management, etc.

A mixture of monetary and non-monetary rewards works wonders and drive employees to act competently continuously. A proper and efficient employee reward and recognition program creates harmonious relationships between employees and the employer.

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