Areas of Strategic Compulsions

Here is a list of some compulsions that a global business might have to face −

●      E-commerce and Internet Culture − Expansion of internet and information technology made the business move towards e-commerce. Online shopping /Selling and Advertising are important issues. These factors compel the businesses to go modern.

●      Hyperactive Competition − Businesses now are hyper-competitive which compel them to draw a competitive strategy that includes general competitive intelligence to win the market share.

●      Diversification − Uncertainty and operational risks have increased in the current global markets. Companies now need to protect themselves by diversifying their products and operations. Businesses now are compelled to focus on more than one business, or get specialized in one business.

●      Active Pressure Groups − Contemporary pressure groups direct businesses to be more ethical in their operations. Most of the multinationals are now spending a good deal to address their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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