10 Golden Rules

Whilst there is no secret recipe for effective international co-operation these ten points might help you to navigate successfully through the complexities of international relationship-building:

  1. Avoid making instant judgements or assumptions about people from different cultures regarding their working style
  2. Try to do some research on any culture you will be working with
  3. Try to understand how your leadership style might be viewed through the eyes of team members from different cultures – they may view your style as bizarre
  4. Remember that not all problems encountered in  international situations are the result of cultural differences – the issues could be personality-based, technical or commercial
  5. Just because people do things differently in another country does not mean that they are necessarily wrong in their approach – they might be wrong but they are not necessarily wrong. It is as important that you understand your own cultural approach as it is to understand the approach of others.
  6. A good idea is a good idea regardless of where it originates – you do not have all the answers
  7. Not all ideas from head office are good ideas
  8. Not all ideas from head office are bad ideas
  9. When communicating with people who are speaking a second language, do not over-estimate their linguistic abilities.  Just because they are good at a second language does not mean they are perfect!
  10. Teams and organisations that are at ease with themselves and co-operate well across the cultures will prosper in an increasingly global economy.

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