Performance Issues

It is an important part of every business organization to measure the performance of both employees and the firm as a whole. We will, however, restrict our focus on organizational performance measurement. The standard process of measuring the performance of a global business is as shown in the following diagram âˆ’

Global Business Performance

The prominent features of each stage are discussed below.

Establish Standard of Performance

Standard of performance is applicable to cost, quality, and customer service. More than one standard may be necessary because they reflect expected levels of various units of the manufacturing performance. This includes process yields, product quality, overhead spending levels, etc.

Measure Actual Performance

To measure actual performance, the use of automated data collection systems is suggested to gather information. A standard cost measurement system includes man-hours, machine-hours, and material usage.

Analyze the Performance and Compare it with standards

There must be some set standards to compare the actual performance. The standards should be realistic and achievable. The results of the comparison can be used to apply further rules, targets, and reporting.

Construct and Implement an Action Plan

Constructing and implementing an action plan is key to success. Variance analysis can be used to detect potential problem areas. Finding the source of the problem and improving the situation may be useful. Its effectiveness depends on the management’s adaptability to the information obtained.

Review and Revise Standards

Review and revise is an important step, as modern organizations are in a constant state of change. If the variances are significant, the performance standards can be adjusted. Effective Performance Measurement must be integrated with the overall strategy. This step requires various financial and non-financial indicators.

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