Controlling Your Emotions

To know and to control your emotions is a part of your emotional intelligence. Your emotional intelligence is very different to your academic intelligence. The academic intelligence of people enables them to secure good marks in exams and tests, however you would require more than just academic intelligence to thrive in both personal and professional lives.

Academic Intelligence

In case of a negotiation, emotional intelligence involves yours as well as other people’s emotional responses to the discussion. If you find the emotional temperature in the venue to be hot, you may consider to take a break. There are negligible advantages of building up a negative environment within a boardroom. Moreover, a negative environment may destroy the negotiations that are at a fragile standpoint.

You will come to know when the emotional temperature has increased beyond its limits. The most basic symptoms start to show up when conversations will be less focused on the issues and voices will be louder and the silences will lengthen. On reaching this point in negotiations, it would be advisable for everyone to take a short break from the negotiation process and clear their heads. Then, you can come back to the negotiations with a somewhat cleared environment and try to solve the issues, diminishing the risk of people to lose their temper.

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