Styles of Learning

Multitasking is one of the key function of a human brain, which makes us greater than all other species. Due to the capacity of learning different things, it makes us remain in different stages of awareness for different types of skills. Based on these, the methods to train the individual candidate may be different. Therefore, nowadays, a learner-focused environment is of most importance. Just as there are multiple profiles of learners, there are multiple ways people learn as well.

Following are the five senses that a learner uses to learn anything −

●      Auditory (To Hear)

●      Kinesthetic (To Feel)

●      Visual (To See)

●      Olfactory (To take smell)

●      Gustatory (To taste)

The first three senses are essential to account for training methods and have been being used primarily, while Olfactory and Gustatory are not related to our concerned topic.

To process an information and store it, one may like to hear it from someone or maybe experience the work by being a part of the working team or even watch the others work. Which method is suitable for which candidate is a matter of coincidence. Sometimes, a combination of these methods can also be useful.

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