Significance of Setting Goals

Goal setting is very important for the productivity of a person. It is one of the most important aspect, but then sadly, most of the people don’t understand it properly. It is crucial for you to set goals in every single aspect of your life. These aspects may include financial development, physical development, personal development, relationship development or even spiritual development.

The great author, entrepreneur and professional speaker, Mr. Brian Tracy, once said that, less than 3% of individuals have clear, documented goals, and a strategy for getting there. You will always stay a step ahead of the pack, if you set your goals.


There are individuals who always tend to blame everything that goes wrong in their lives on something else or somebody else. They show themselves as if they are victims and they give away all their position and control.

Contrary to this, successful people stay dedicated to take responsibility for their lives, irrespective of the the unknown or uncontrollable instances. Always live the present − the past is unchangeable, and the future is the direct outcome of what you are doing in the present!

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