Qualities That Form Etiquettes

Business Etiquettes do not necessarily address dressing sensibilities, interpersonal skills and good public speaking abilities. Although these qualities are needed, there are other qualities too that are equally important.

Here is a list of such important qualities −


A person on time is a dependable person. This is a general impression punctual people manage to effectively leave on the minds of many people. Someone who appreciates the value of his time will not appreciate waiting for others and others waiting for him.


A person should always be well informed and prepared to furnish information, in detail, on any topic related to his job and responsibility at any given time. This creates an impression of being a resourceful person.


You need to be courteous to all the people you are interacting with, instead of limiting the courtesy to only those who you think deserve it. When you are working in an organization that has many talented and creative people in it, there is always a chance that ideas will clash with one another. In that case, you need to tackle the opposing thought and not the person.

Proper Representation of Thoughts

There are times when your thought would be very clear on a particular topic but the choice of your words could send a mixed signal to the listeners. Many people end up being misquoted and misunderstood, due to lack of connection with the people listening to you. You should prepare your presentation thoroughly, beforehand and have a clear understanding of each word and the different ways it can be interpreted. Step in to clear any misconceptions people might have on a point.


Companies, expect a lot from you. These expectations could be in the form of specific targets, which the company sets for you. In such times, it is very easy to turn your back to a discussion that does not concern you and say − “that’s not my problem”. However, that problem could well be your problem in the near future. So, try to participate in the problem-solving process.

Properly Dressed

The way you look when you meet someone for the first time goes a long way in establishing a perception of you in that person’s mind. That does not mean that you should splurge on the clothes you are supposed to wear. Your clothes should not draw too much attention towards themselves. Dress conservatively but professionally.

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