First Impression Worksheet Ⅱ

Let’s play a guessing game! You are given two pictures of two different people. You have to guess the following details about them, depending on the first impression, they made on you. You need not be accurate with your answers and do not think a lot before giving the answers. The idea is to capture the way you will interpret their looks.

Where were they raised?
a) Cityb) Townc) Villagea) Cityb) Townc) Village
What’s their favorite food?
a) Pizzab) Pulsesc) Pita Naana) Pizzab) Pulsesc) Pita Naan
What music do they listen to?
a) Classicalb) Countryc) Jazza) Classicalb) Countryc) Jazz
What would they do in leisure?
a) Readingb) Cookingc) Gardeninga) Readingb) Cookingc) Gardening
What would their ideal car be?
a) Audib) Toyotac) Lamborghinia) Audib) Toyotac) Lamborghini
What would their ideal job be?
a) Chefb) Embroideryc) Law Practicea) Chefb) Embroideryc) Law Practice
First Impression Worksheet2
First Impression Worksheet2

Irrespective of whatever pre-conceived notions you might have had about both of them, I would like to mention that Richard loves to drive his Ford car to his bistro every morning and loves spending time with his customers while he cooks them piping-hot pizzas and pies.

After he closes the shop in the evening, he drives back to his farmhouse, humming “I walk the line” by Johnny Cash all the way. No prizes for guessing his hobby.

How many, do you think will agree with me, if I were to tell you that the man in the picture above is actually Richard?

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