Business Etiquette – Writing the Documents

Once you have identified the audience for your writing, try to anticipate the information that your reader might think necessary and include it in your document as you write. It can be done by asking yourself the “WH-questions”.

Writing the Documents

●      Answer the WH questions − Answering “Who? What? Why? Where? When? Whom? How?” will give you a headstart on the content of the writing.

●      Determine the Start and Finish − After collecting all possible ideas that you have on the topic, you could go through them and reject a few that won’t make sense in this write-up. After that, find out the idea that will leave the maximum impact on reading it, and put that at the start of the article. The end should have the idea that summarizes all the ideas in a clear and crisp manner.

●      Get a Second-Person Opinion − always get your written text checked by somebody before submitting it. This lends an objective, second-person perspective to the review and stops your emotions and indulgence from getting in the way. Do not do this if the content is confidential and not to be shared.

●      Discuss Suggestions and Include Improvements − Once your friends have suggested some changes, implement the ones you think are relevant.

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