Elements of a Formal Email

While most of us send informal emails to friends that might contain grammatical mistakes in them, the same is not true when writing to colleagues, especially when we want to make a good impression, as we have to be more careful and diplomatic this time. Here are some general tips on the right format of an email −

Background − The default white background should be used for all emails. Colored backgrounds, or scroll designs seem to be unprofessional and distracting.

Font − Preferred fonts are Times New Roman or Arial, Font size-12.

Font Color − Font should be navy blue or black only.

Contact Details − Official contact information like name, designation, email id, contact number, company logo and address of correspondence should be mentioned in the signature area. Personal statements are best avoided.

First Name and Surname − They should be mentioned in the same font as used in the body of the email, only two font sizes larger. Cursive fonts for name is not recommended.

(To be mentioned in the same font and size as body of the email)

●      Designation

●      Department

●      Company Name & Address

●      Landmark & ZIP Code

●      Contact Number

●      Email address

●      Company telephone number

●      Company fax number

●      Company URL

●      Disclaimer

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