Definitions used in Articles

“Act of incorporation” refers to an act for the incorporation of International Air Transport Association.

●      “Air service” refers to public transport of passengers, drafts or cargos via aircraft.

●      “Airline” refers to an entity operating on air service.

●      “Applicant Airline” refers to an airline that makes an application for IATA membership pursuit to article 5 of these articles.

●      “Articles” refers to the articles of association.

●      “Board” means the board of governors.

●      “Committee of the Board” refers to any committee of the Board formed according to the rules and regulations of the Board of governors.

●      “Dues” refers to a specific amount of money to be paid by members to maintain membership.

●      “Fees” refers to a specific amount to be paid by an Applicant Airline to acquire membership.

●      “General meeting” refers to Annual General meeting or any special general meeting.

●      “IATA Conference” refers to conferences organized by general meeting pursuant to Article XII (3) (e) of these articles.

●      “Industry Committees” refers to Committees formed by the general director with the approval of Board pursuant to Article XV (4) of these articles.

●      “Limitation” refers to loss of all rights and privileges of membership.

●      “Members” refers to a member Airline of IATA.

●      “Membership office” refers to IATA department designated by the general director.

●      “Presiding officer” refers to the individual presiding over a general meeting.

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