Entrepreneurship Development – Qualities

In order to organize and run a business successfully, an entrepreneur must possess certain traits important for driving success. Some of them are −

●      Self-confidence − Others will trust you only when you trust yourself. This is the most important trait of an entrepreneur, who should have the confidence to take one’s own decisions.

●      Risk-taking ability − Business is all about taking risks and experimenting. Entrepreneurs need to have a risk-taking ability.

●      Decision-making ability − Entrepreneurs should have the willingness and capability to take decisions in favor of the organization all the time.

●      Competitive − Entrepreneurs should always be ready to give and face competition.

●      Intelligent − Entrepreneurs always need to keep their mind active and increase their IQ and knowledge.

●      Visualization − Entrepreneurs should have the ability to see things from different point of views.

●      Patience − This is another virtue which is very important for entrepreneurship as the path to success is often very challenging and it requires a lot of patience for sustenance.

●      Emotional tolerance − The ability to balance professional and personal life and not mixing the two is another important trait of an entrepreneur.

●      Leadership quality − Entrepreneurs should be able to lead, control and motivate the mass.

●      Technical skill − To be in stride with the recent times, entrepreneurs should at least have a basic knowledge about the technologies that are to be used.

●      Managerial skill − Entrepreneurs should have the required skill to manage different people such as clients, employees, co-workers, competitors, etc.

●      Conflict resolution skill − Entrepreneurs should be able to resolve any type of dispute.

●      Organizing skill − They should be highly organized and should be able to maintain everything in a format and style.

●      High motivation − Entrepreneurs should have high level of motivation. They should be able to encourage everyone to give their level best.

●      Creative − They should be innovative and invite new creative ideas from others as well.

●      Reality-oriented − They should be practical and have rational thinking

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