Interpersonal Skills of an Entrepreneur

These could be referred to as social skills. They are a set of skills that people use when interacting and communicating with one another. These skills show up in countless interactions, from public speaking, group projects and team presentations, to professional writing (work e-mails, contracts etc.) and talking with friends and business associates. Here are a few tips on how to improve your interpersonal skills:

Be an active listener– Take the time to listen and show others that you’re listening and understand their perspective-even if it is not in line with yours.

Body language– I don’t know many people who enjoy being around unhappy individuals or those who appear to be unhappy in any given moment.  Make sure to smile, stand tall, make eye contact and do your best to give off a good vibe.  Your body language introduces you to those around you before you even open your mouth.

Empathize– Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their perspective.  This will allow you to better respond to their feelings and it will show them that you care.

Humour– It is not all about business.  After all, we are all human. Be spontaneous and say something at an appropriate time that you think will make the other person smile.  If they smile, you know they’re probably working on their interpersonal skills, too.

Optimism– Be optimistic, open minded and have an overall positive attitude.  Positive attitudes are contagious to those around you.  Everyone knows someone who has a negative attitude and you definitely do not want to be one of them.

Think on your feet– It is important to be sharp, pick up on, and react to both verbal and nonverbal cues of others.

Be patient– Not everyone processes and understand concepts in the same way.  Take the time to make sure that whoever you’re talking to understands what you’re saying.

Practice- The more interactions you have with others, the more progress you’ll make.

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