Motivating Skills – What Motivates You?

The following worksheet is designed to find out what motivates you so that you can find your source of motivation in life. This will not only help people to focus on what’s important in life, but also make them aware of the challenges they face and what steps they should take in order to overcome them.

It is a list of questionnaire with statements that you need to complete using your choices. You are supposed to tally the total number of a’s, b’s, or c’s at the end of the questionnaire. The largest number of options will give you an accurate idea of the type of motivational person you are −

●      I feel proud after…

○    Getting things done.

○    Helping people.

○    Thinking through issues and solving them.

●      I contemplate/think about…

○    What’s going to happen next.

○    Society and the people in it.

○    Ideas and thoughts.

●      I relax by…

○    Engaging in a pleasing activity.

○    Talking to friends.

○    Learning a new hobby.

●      My way of functioning…

○    Punctually, as per schedule

○    When someone else works with me.

○    When it feels like working for me.

●      While browsing internet, I like to…

○    Search specific topics.

○    Spend time in chatting, messaging, and sending emails.

○    Browse whatever appeals to me at the moment and wander.

●      According to me, assignments should be…

○    Concluded on time.

○    Worked on in groups.

○    Meaningful to people who work on them.

●      When I was in school, I used to …

○    Ask a lot of questions to my instructors.

○    Make a lot of friends.

○    Spend time in reading on a lot of topics.

●      Maintaining schedules…

○    Help organize myself.

○    Help me coordinate properly with others.

○    Keep me focused on the task ahead.

●      I like to be thought of as…

○    Organized, sorted-out, punctual.

○    Kind, friendly, considerate.

○    Smart, curious, observer.

●      While partaking in a task…

○    I finish the task.

○    I like to work as a team with the help of others.

○    I want to work and keep learning from the beginning to the end.


●      Highest tally of a’s − Goal Oriented − You enjoy getting the work done in a direct and obvious manner. If you face any issues with your task, you are more likely to find out a person with whom you can interact and ask your questions to get some help.

●      Highest tally of b’s − Relationship Oriented − You are mainly interested in social contact. Learning is a way to interact with people for you. Working independently or focusing on your task in isolation is not your cup of tea. It’s difficult to motivate yourself without company for you.

●      Highest tally of c’s − Learning Oriented − You are interested in learning new things. You are interested in attempting different tasks so that you learn something new from it. If the task takes longer time to complete than the learning process, then it frustrates you. Such people hate it if they can’t set a television set up even after they have gone through the entire instruction manual.

The highest tally unit is your primary motivational style; however, the second-highest unit is your secondary motivational style. It means that if a goal-oriented person were to find motivation, he will try to get the work done himself, however if his secondary motivational style is learning-oriented, then he will like to read about the task and learn about it first, and then start working on it.

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