Motivating Skills – Performance Management

Motivating others through Performance Management is an umbrella term used to describe many qualities in one word. In order to be a good manager of performance, you are supposed to know how to communicate well, how to lead from the front, how to be a role model, and you also need to know the value of collaboration.

The job of a performance manager is to manage the performance of each and every member of the team. Many people think performance management is just overseeing people doing their jobs, but it’s more than that. It’s about trying to create a synergy between the different people, and different teams, and seeing if this mutual interaction is resulting in a better outcome.

Performance Management

Some find performance management a tardy job to perform, especially because it’s difficult when it comes to evaluating individual performances in a team of performers, where the work is equally distributed and shared between them. But when it is done properly, performance management becomes a source of motivation and learning.

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