Body Language Worksheet

This is an interesting activity to organize in your company, especially if you are working in a diverse workplace. Try to get as many people from different backgrounds, countries, races and social circles as possible. Arrange them to sit in a circle where they can all see one another. Now, give them a printout of this worksheet and ask them to answer the questions −

S.I.Non-verbal ActionsInterpretations
2.Smiling with raised eyebrows 
3.Rolling eyes with smiling 
4.Rolling eyes without smiling                         
5.Shrugging shoulders while answering a question 
6.Shrugging shoulders while asking a question 
7.Stretching your arms sideways while speaking 
8.Looking down while saying something 
9.Hand held up with palm facing you 
10.Hands with palm facing down while explaining 
11.Waving to someone 
12.Tapping someone on the shoulders 
13.Holding someone’s hand 
14.Standing close to someone 
15.Winking at a friend 
16.Crossing arms while taking feedback 
17.Shaking hands without a firm grip 
18.Yawning while listening to someone 
19.Drumming table with fingers, waiting for lunch 
20.Placing hand over mouth on hearing something 
21.Swinging feet and tapping feet to music 
22.Crossing legs while in a meeting 
23.Nodding the head up and down while listening 
24.Turning the head side to side while listening 
25.Whistling while walking alone 
26.Clapping on listening to something 
27.Scratching your head when asked a question 
28.Showing an outstretched palm to a speeding car 
29.Wagging one foot while keeping it on a knee 
30.Raising hand inside a classroom 
31.Looking elsewhere when someone talks to you 
32.Keeping hands in your pocket while talking 
33.Rubbing the neck when asked about something 
34.Cracking fingers while at work 
35.Looking around waiting in the reception area 


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