Workplace Stress – Reducing Exercises

The more you are stressed the more the effects increase, so longer you are stressed higher is your stress level. Following are some ways to reduce the impact of stress on your body and mind as well. Mental stress can always have a negative impact on your body like −

●      Muscle tension

●      Headaches

●      High blood pressure

●      Insomnia

●      Depression

●      Obesity

●      Digestive problems

●      Increased susceptibility to illness

●      Increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Soothing Stretches

Some stretches can always help you release tension from your body and relax a bit. One should try doing stretches several times a day to prevent muscle tension and feeling of stress.

Make sure to visit your doctor once before indulging in any physical activity, especially if you already have some health problems.

Neck Roll

This is a simple yet powerful exercise that helps you relieve stress, the procedure of neck roll is, let your chin hang down to your chest. Next, slowly roll your head to your left side, so that your left ear is near your left shoulder. Roll your head backwards and let your head hang as far back as is comfortable.

Now, slowly roll your head to the right, so that your right ear is near your right shoulder. Repeat this process of rolling your head until your chin is once again hanging to your chest. Now, repeat the process, but go in the other direction (so that you begin by rolling your head to your right shoulder.)

Shoulder Shrug                                                                

For this exercise start by relaxing your shoulders. Now, slowly shrug towards the front of your body and upwards. Next, shrug your shoulders down towards the back of your body. When your shoulders are back in their natural position, relax, and then repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. This can also be done by a masseur and will certainly add to the relaxation.

Shoulder Shrug

Side Stretch

Start by standing with your left hand on your left hip. Now place your right hand straight out so that it is perpendicular to your body. Slowly stretch your right hand over your head, to the left, and bend to the left at the waist as far as is comfortable. Stretch for a moment, and then slowly return to the standing position. Repeat for the opposite side.

Lumbar Stretch

Stand and place both hands in the small of your back. Arch your back slowly, feeling the stretch. Repeat three times. It’s better to start these exercises slowly and regularly. It is always recommended to mix deep breathing; we will brief about this topic straight away.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is the best method to relax your mind and soul. The key to deep breathing is breathe in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth. Try counting slowly as you do this. Each breath should take ten to twenty seconds. With practice you will be able to take longer breaths. The advantages of deep breathing are as follows −

●      Reduction in blood pressure

●      Reduction in muscle tension

●      Boost in metabolism

●      Clearing of the mind

●      Boost in endorphins (our natural painkillers)

Whenever you are in stress try deep breathing this will help you maintain your cool and prevent your body from the negative impacts of stress as stress leads to breathing faster which makes your body work harder. So, whenever you re stressed just sit down, close your eyes focus on your breathing and slowly elope to your personal sanctuary.

Tensing and Relaxing

It may sound strange but creating tension is a relaxation technique, only if you know how to relax later. Let’s make it little clear, close your fingers towards your palm and press it as much as possible. Now slowly open your fingers, you will feel the tension evaporate from your hands and fingers. For maximum effect mix deep breathing with this tensing and relaxing.

Given below are some examples −

●      Scrunch your eyes up

●      Curl your toes towards your shins

●      Make a big frown and then smile

●      Tense your abs as tight as you can

You can also try tensing yourself from your toes to all the way to your head and then relax from your head to your toes. The key to this is start slowly, practice it, do not pressure yourself too much and try mixing it with deep breathing.



The best way to understand yourself, calm your mind and know yourself better is through meditation. It is an ancient art that helps you move your mind to a deeper state of awareness by relaxing it.

There are many religious and non-religious methods of practicing meditation. some of the general forms of meditation include lying comfortably relaxing all the muscles in your body and deep breathing or sitting straight with closed eyes and focusing on your breathing.

This is the best way of relaxing your mind and body, cleaning your mind and having a positive attitude towards everything. It is recommended to explore the comfortable pose for meditation through internet or consult a yoga teacher.

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