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Till now, we have discussed the different ways in which we can create stress by reducing various factors of our lifestyle and how to limit the effect of stressful situations. In spite of all these steps, stress will still happen.

It is a part of our lives which we can never change but yes, we can use some tools which would help us keep cool and deal with it. Following are some factors which will help you maintain your calm and handle stress patiently −

●      Finding a Sanctuary

●      Using Music

●      Seeing the Humor

Let us now discuss each of these factors in detail.

Finding a Sanctuary                                         


Sometimes we are so blocked with our situations and stress that we just want to escape to someplace better. A place where we could escape and become free from tensions, duties and everything. Imagine a tropical beach or a place full of greenery and nature’s treasure.

It is always said that escaping from situations will always land you in more trouble, so it is better to create a mental place where you can escape for a while, relax and then come back to the reality, it can be a very useful tool.

You can’t always opt for a vacation; every time you are stressed but you can always create your own personal sanctuary in your mind. Your mind is capable of doing lots of things. Start by thinking about your favorite place like a forest, tropical island, snowy mountain, waterfall or even your hometown. think of anywhere you want to be right now, a place which would make you feel more relaxed and safe.

Using your senses to capture all the elements of your sanctuary −

●      What do you see?

●      What does it smell like?

●      What does it feel like? (you may be able to feel the cold snow of mountains.)

●      What textures do you associate with this place?

You can always create your own physical sanctuary by writing down your observations, feelings, drawing a picture or tucking away a physical piece of it (like a rock or leaf) in your desk.

Using Music

Using Music

Music is a powerful tool that can help you calm your mind and body. According to experts, rhythm has powerful effects on our bodies. So whenever we want to take a break or relax listen to some calming music like the rain drops or nature sounds or some Jazz and classical these are great ways to elope to a different world free from all the workload and have some me time.

If you are interested in music, then playing some musical instruments can also help you relax your mind and refresh your mood. It relieves not just your mental tension but also physical tension.

Even if you are not good at playing instruments you can always put on your favorite song and sing with it, doesn’t matter how you sing. This will definitely cheer you up.

Seeing the Humor

Humor can be a great stressbuster. It is a proven fact that a good belly laugh helps you handle high blood pressure, limits hormones created by stress, boosts the immune system and creates a sense of well‐being and happiness. Following are some points that need to be taken care of when using humor as stress relief.

●      Reading a funny story or joke or watching a comedy show can be a great way to make you laugh.

●      Place a humorous calendar at your desk which will make you laugh at hand, especially if it is the page-a-day type. But remember to use the one allowed and appropriate for your office.

●      It is difficult to see humor in a stressful situation, but instead of panicking try imagining the situation as a third party, you might get your solution.

Having a good time with friends and family members is also a good way of cheering your mood.

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