Dress Code Common Mistakes

What to wear to work-place is more often than not is a matter of common sense. However cases of dressing disasters continue to occur − although they occur quite inadvertently. For example, you might find your colleague, especially in summer, dressed up to work with a “day at the beach” hangover!

The reason these eyebrow-raising conflicts in dress codes occur is that many companies, especially start-ups and small to medium-scale businesses, have pretty relaxed norms to almost no norms on dress code. Even if there are Dress Codes, at times, they are vague and ambiguous.

To relax you from such harrowing misses, we have pointed out some common dress code blunders that you should avoid −

●      Ill-fitting clothes − Clothes too big give you a bloated look and too tight-fitting clothes accentuate the body in a non-formal way.

●      Wearing short skirts − Short skirts draw attention to your legs when you sit down.

●      Wearing short socks − Short socks, or drooping socks expose skin and that distracts attention while crossing legs or sitting down.

●      Low-cut or plunging tops − Just as with short skirts, this distracts an interviewer.

●      Improper color choices − Colors, like green, yellow, red, etc., don’t go well in corporate circles.

●      Clothes with sayings, pictures, or designs − This lends a very informal and non-serious look to the interviewees.

●      Poorly-maintained shoes − Your shoes should be clean and polished.

●      Not dressing formally for business social events − Even dinners at the boss’ house are formal business occasions so dress-up accordingly.

●      Improper grooming − Unclipped nails, odorous of breath/perspiration, and unkempt hair all are red-checks.

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