Final Tips for Grooming

In addition to the tips and standards that we discussed earlier, there are a few points that need to be taken care before you finally enter in the premises and knock on that door (for your interview).

Final Tips for Grooming

Here is a set of tips that one should follow while grooming for an interview −

●      Avoid noisy and squeaky shoes, as they will disturb and distract everyone.

●      Avoid excessive cologne or deodorant; the interviewer sits inside an AC-operated room that might not have proper ventilation and that will make your perfume stay for hours after you have left. Also, the interviewer might be allergic to the perfume you use.

●      Trousers’ side-pockets shouldn’t bulge with mobile phones, wallets etc., as it gives a bulky look to your legs.

●      All noticeable body-piercing, tattoos should be concealed, as tattoos are since long associated with rebellious behavior.

●      Don’t smoke or eat odorous food before interviews. Use breath fresheners.

●      The nails and teeth should be properly cleaned.

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